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Corfu is where Neolea was born

The second largest of the Ionian Islands, Corfu’s history is rich, overflowing with the legacy of ruling cultures as diverse as Corinthian, Roman, Byzantine and French. Having been under Venetian rule for many centuries, the Italian influence on the architecture, language and cuisine of Corfu is profound.

Venetians and Corfiots created a tradition that still endures. Together, they pioneered the cultivation of olive trees in Corfu. Today, Corfu boasts more than four million olive trees and Neolea is proud to share in this precious gift of nature.

Visitors to Corfu fall in love with the island’s green landscapes, pristine beaches, an abundance of vegetation and color, its history and its local produce. Neolea extends Corfu’s promise of rich experience and pure flavors.

Olive Growers

Our olive growers share our interest in achieving and maintaining the very best quality.

Our common commitment to producing the finest olive oil is more of a passion than a process. Carrying on the age-old traditions of Corfiot farmers, the modern olive growers know the elements essential to extra virgin olive oil. Personal care of the olive trees is the key to extracting the very best from Corfu’s superb climate and luxuriant soil. The olive growers and the olive mills join us in an inextricable circle in which each has a vital part to play. We personally place great importance on selecting only respect for the Corfu’s heritage and we encourage them to constantly improve their knowledge and practices on the production of olive oil.


Expert cultivation is the key to Neolea’s superior quality olive oil.

Climate and soil quality are the secret ingredient to our olive oil’s delicate taste. Neolea’s olive oil originates from the Koroneiki and Lianolia varieties. Following the age-old traditions of Corfiot producers, we reject all use of sprays and our trees are protected exclusively using natural methods. By accepting only handpicked fruit, we ensure that only the healthiest olives are selected. Once picked, our olives are immediately transferred to the olive mill using special containers to ensure no loss of quality during transport and then preserved in stainless steel tanks.


At Neolea we believe that the shortest route from harvest to bottle is essential to achieving the finest quality.

Pressing the olive fruit takes place within 24 hours after the olives are harvested. Our olive mill uses exclusively modern equipment, using low pressure and protecting the fruit from high temperatures. For that reason we use a process known as First Cold Extraction. This method of extraction takes place in low temperatures of below 27 degrees and without any chemical additives to extend or alter the oil – thus preserving the fruit’s rich natural endowment of nutrients and natural antioxidants. At the moment of the first press, the oil’s acidity is low and its aromatic qualities are at their finest. The extra fine taste of our olive oil is transferred directly into every bottle of Neolea and further preserved by avoiding exposure to light. We suggest you taste it as soon as possible to enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

Pure Products

At Neolea we believe that the shortest route from harvest to bottle is essential to achieving the finest quality.

Corfu’s landscape is permeated by endless olive groves and its environmental conditions allow for the olives to flourish. It is said that the Greeks were the first to cultivate olives in the Mediterranean. Out of respect to this pure jewel of nature, Neolea works to leave the fruit’s flavor and nutritional benefits unaltered. For this reason, no chemical additives are used in production. Our goal is to maintain traditional standards of excellence using modern means. The olive oil is unfiltered, ensuring the flavor extracted at the first press is retained all the way through to serving. Neolea achieves the best product quality without compromising the original character of local oil-making tradition.

Our Philosophy

Neolea means youth in Greek, and when you split up the two fragments you can see the words Neo and Elea, which mean new olive.

Recognizing that people demand and deserve the highest quality, in early 2013 we had the idea to create a new brand of olive oil. Guided by the selfless offering of Greek nature, we added passion and design to create a final product that honors both the olive growers’ and Mother Nature’s work. We pride ourselves in knowing that we bottle true olive oil from a truly amazing land and do so in the most truthful way we know. An island that is the home of 5 million olive trees and that has this unbelievably rich history, culture and passion deserves a brand that represents just that.
We proudly bring you the world’s oldest product from the world’s oldest country ‘where it all began’. An ever-surprising product filled with centuries of taste. We invite you to meet Corfu, her passionate people and of course our beautiful olive oil. Neolea is fresh young and alive, born in Corfu, Greece.



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Sales Manager

Ben jij een geboren sales talent, ondernemend, heb je ervaring met de FMCG industrie en/of passie voor koken en goed eten, dan is hier de uitdaging voor jou waarin je al je passie, talent en energie kunt laten samenkomen. Wij zijn op zoek naar een ondernemende salesmanager die leading gaat zijn in het verder in de markt zetten van ons nieuwe trendy merk Griekse olijfolie genaamd Neolea.

Neolea is topkwaliteit Griekse extra vergine olijfolie dat sinds Juni 2015 beschikbaar is in Nederland. Ons product is puur, gezond en echt. Op dit moment wordt Neolea gebruikt in een aantal sterrenrestaurants maar ook veelal verkocht in delicatessenwinkels, Bijenkorf en lifestyle gerelateerde winkels.

De eerste paar maanden van de commerciële uitrol in Nederland en Griekenland zijn zo succesvol dat er in Nederland dringend behoefte is aan een enthousiaste Sales Manager met ondernemers kwaliteiten die de dynamiek van een start-up in dit segment begrijpt en kan waarderen.

Ben jij:

• Tussen de 28 en 40 jaar
• In bezit van een auto en rijbewijs

Verwacht wordt dat je:

• omzet en marge doelstellingen kunt realiseren
• nieuwe leads kunt identificeren en opvolgen d.m.v afspraken met prospects
• bestaande klant relaties kunt beheren en uitbouwen
• na verloop van tijd de distributie en logistiek in Nederland managen
• In de eerste fase zelf ook nog actief bent in distributie

Wij verwachten dat je beschikt over:

• commercieel gevoel en scoringsdrift
• uitstekende communicatieve vaardigheden
• resultaat- en klant gerichte eigenschappen
• een pro-actief en enthousiast voorkomen
• een winnaarsmentaliteit die past bij een jong merk
• vaardigheden met social media

Wij bieden je :

• een zeer dynamische en zelfstandige baan
• flexibiliteit in uren en werklocatie
• een attractief salaris en prestatie gerichte beloning

Stuur je CV en motivatie naar [email protected]

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Your customers are looking for quality, pure products packed with flavor and integrity. Always on the lookout for something new as we all want to be different and unique. Whether it’s home cooking, a professional kitchen, on the table in your restaurant or even a gift shop, Neolea is making people feel good and that’s why we do what we do.

Neolea is guaranteed pure, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and was born in Greece, where it all began.

Contact us now and find our more about the benefits of becoming a distributor or user of Neolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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